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We are QuickBooks Enterprise and Point of Sale Certified.





Integrates with QBO, QB Enterprise, Pro, Premier and Point of Sale.


Point of Sale

Make better business decisions
with sales, customer, and inventory data

  • Know what is selling in your inventory
  • Keep track of your customer's purchase history
  • Easy at-a-glance reports



Discover Why Over 80,000 Retailers Trust QuickBooksPoint of Sale.

Maximize your profits and efficiency with a fully integrated computer system. Whether you sell tobacco products exclusively or you have a full sized convenience store with beer, wine, and liquor, HSCL, LLC will meet all of your technology needs.  

Empower your future, taking full control of your business, you need to be running an industry standard Point of Sale Retail Solution. We offer that solution in single, multiuser, or multi-store environments. We specialize in YOUR Retail Store or Distribution Operation.


Specialty Add-on Modules


Total Customer Module for QuickBooks POS 2013

Total Customer software provides an integrated solution for validating and recording age, instantly creating or looking up customer records, or validating memberships for:

Gyms & Spas

Cigar Lounges

Private Clubs



Consignment Module for QuickBooks POS 2013 

Designed for Jewelry and Clothing Stores to provides a complete solution for tracking, reporting, and making payments to consignees while keeping your inventory and accounts payable accurate and up to date.





Integrated Scale Module for QuickBooks Pro POS 2013

Bulk Foods
Frozen Yogurt
and many more

EBT Calculator Module for QuickBooks Pro POS 2013


EBT Calculator allows you to identify items in QuickBooks Point of Sale that are EBT eligible. As the sale is processed, subtotals of EBT and Non-EBT items are calculated and displayed in the comments box in the QuickBooks Point of Sale "Make a Sale" screen. When the EBT payment amount is tendered, the tax is adjusted automatically allowing you to finalize the sale.  

Integrated E-commerce for QuickBooks Pro POS 2013

We not only build and host sites that integrate with QuickBooks ®, but can provide the programming backbone to make your site truly dynamic, interactive and easy to keep up to date by simply entering information on web based forms.Sometimes the best way to collect data is by doing it securely on the internet. It can then be seamlessly integrated into your QuickBooks system.
We can build a site that allows you to collect and maintain the information you need. If the data you need to maintain goes beyond QuickBooks ® data that is not a problem. Take advantage of current technology to bring your services to your customer 24/7. Your customer’s experience is enhanced when they are recognized by your site. Perhaps you would like to present scheduling, account data, customer history, recent purchases, etc. If you can imagine it we can build it, and appropriately tie it to QuickBooks.


Tobacco - Cigar and Liquor Store Point of Sale Experts


We have developed a turnkey datebase solution of thousands of cigars and hundreds of vendors to get you up and running with little or no data input requirement, saving you thousands of dollars in cost that can be used to purchase more inventory. Includes complete cigar listing from the major players such as General Cigars, Altadis USA, and major independent brands.



"Ready for Delivery!"


Integrated Membership and Age verification Module available!


Upgrade to Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro v12.0 and signup for Intuit Merchant Services and you will receive our Cigar Shop Specialty Database for FREE!! ($3000 value),12 Months Remote Support FREE ($1200 value), 10 Hours of Training FREE ($1000 value). That is a $5,200.00 value. 






Order your database today for
Cigar Shop Specialty

Save hundreds of hours of data entry of thoudands of products.
Introductory Price $1,995.00
Regular Price $2,995.00
* In the event that products that you offer are not listed, we will add them at your request at no addtional charge.

Computerizing can easily cut your costs by 5%

Annual Sales $500,000
Annual Savings $25,000

Typical single-station cost: $2.10 per day

Typical savings:
$83.33 per day in lower operational costs, reduced loss and more efficient customer service.

Why Computerize?






Perfect Timing - Start fresh for the new year. INTRODUCTORY OFFER: In the event that products that you offer are not listed, we will add them at your request at no addtional charge.

Turn Key Solution - Just import database and start selling.

Low Start Up Cost - Get your database for your business opportunities combine a low start up cost and experienced support with such huge income potential.

Perfect Product - We recommend QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 version v11.0. A turn-key product to manage your inventory, increase customer service, intergrated creditcard processing at competative prices.


Simple Business - No inventory inputing, which takes many many hours.










Company Name HSCL, LLC.
Direct number 786.970.2658
E-mail address
Our Mission: To provide all businesses and people with the highest quality computer & network consulting services using information technology (I.T.). We value professional, courteous and personalized service. We work with out clients to design, build and implement the type of system they need and deserve.